As much as technology has changed, so has the way that we build homes, construct buildings and general make stuff. It makes sense that things will develop and change as we learn and develop new ways to work.

The way that we build and design homes is very different to how it was a number of years ago, as we have learnt and developed new ways of working and putting things together. This doesnt mean that the original way of working is wrong, just that we now have new and improved ways of doing things.

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Finlock gutters are a prime example of this. Finlock gutters were a popular way to build and construct guttering throughout the 1950s and 1960s. These years were known as the housing boom, so many new homes were constructed which means that many homes have this type of guttering.

This guttering does do the job it was designed to do however it isnt always as flawless as it could be. With aging of a home and the movement that it has, it has caused some of this guttering to sag and this means it has to be replaced which can be costly.

Finlock guttering can also come apart and become damaged when windows or fascia boards are replaced. If you think that you have this type of guttering and it has become damaged then it is time to call in the experts to get it mended.

As with any repair job it is important that you get someone in that knows what they are doing. Repairs can be costly and therefore they are something you want to avoid where possible. By getting someone in that offers high quality repairs you can be sure that theyre likely to give you repairs that last and you arent going to have to call someone back in to re-fix it, which is an expense that you can well do without.

If you arent sure if you have Finlock gutters or not then you can easily Google it to get examples and this should help give you a firm idea as to whether it is the type of guttering you have or not.

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