What is the Number of Indonesian Internet Users?

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Today reaches 262 million people. More than 50 percent or about 143 million people have been connected to the internet network throughout 2017, at least according to the latest report by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII). The majority of internet users as much as 72.41 percent still from the urban community. Utilization is further, not only to communicate but also to buy goods, order transportation, to do business and work. Based on the geographical area, Java community most exposed to the internet that is 57.70 percent. Furthermore, Sumatra 19.09 percent, Kalimantan 7.97 percent, Sulawesi 6.73 percent, Bali-Nusa 5.63 percent, and Maluku-Papua 2.49 percent.


Young age, lots of innovation

The Internet can not be separated from the daily life of young people today. As many as 49.52 percent of internet users in the country are those aged 19 to 34 years. This group validates new professions in the virtual domain, such as Selebgram (celebrity Instagram) and YouTuber (YouTube creator). The mushrooming of digital startup or startup is a bit more driven by this age group, whether they are founders or consumers. In the second position, as many as 29.55 percent of Indonesian Internet users aged 35 to 54 years. This group is at the age of productive and adaptable to change. Adolescents aged 13 to 18 years occupy the third position with a portion of 16.68 percent. Finally, parents over 54 years old are only 4.24 percent who use the internet. 

Advertisment Education level and economic 

level In addition to age, education factors affect internet penetration in Indonesia. A total of 88.24 of those holding S2 and S3 are connected to the internet. The majority of S1 and Diploma graduates have also used the internet, which is 79.23 percent. At some universities and vocational colleges, the internet has indeed become an important part of the teaching and learning process. For example, assignments and exams are collected by e-mail, not paper-shaped. Looking for judi togel references too often from online journals or e-Books, not physical books. In the administration process such as the taking of courses, evaluation of lecturers, to the survey on campus has also been connected to the online system. For the education level up to SMA / MA / Package C, SMP / MTs / Package B, SD / MI / Package A, and who are not schooling, the percentage of internet users is 70.54 percent, 48.53 percent, 25.10 percent , and 5.45 percent.

From the economic level can also be distinguished, in which the majority of internet users come from the middle to lower class. Of the 143 million Indonesians already connected to the Internet, there are about 62.5 million lower middle class people who use the internet. While the upper class of 2.8 million people. In this survey, APJII uses 2,500 respondents with a margin of error of + – 1.96 percent and a 95 percent level of confidence. This data collection is through interview with the help of questionnaire. Respondents come from six regions of Indonesia, namely Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali-Nusa, and Maluku-Papua. APJII uses multi stage cluster sampling methodology, ie urban, rural-urban, and rural. Survey with this methodology is claimed to be able to know the problems faced related to internet penetration in Indonesia.